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Light Haulage Services

The Fitout Logistics fleet is based on the south coast with direct access to the major road, train, airport and shipping distribution networks. We offer complete light haulage fulfilment services to a wide range of industries and a fleet capable of hauling whatever load necessary.

Our light haulage service enables you to outsource your transport and haulage needs to a well experienced logistics company offering;

Transport Management

We offer full transport services for all types of business offering pickup and delivery services throughout the entire UK.

Logistics Management

As well as providing the full transportation and haulage service we also offer a complete logistics management package from arranging transportation from your suppliers to your working sites. We can also offer consultancy for managing your logistics operations and fleet if required.

Materials Management

Fitout logistics can work closely with your suppliers, manufacturers and sub-contractors to ensure safe transit of your load to your working site. We are able to pickup and deliver your cargo from all locations in the UK.

Waste Management

We can provide return loads from all delivery destinations and hold the necessary waste licenses to dispose of any site material waste providing extremely useful when unable to obtain on site waste facilities.

If you would like to book our light haulage transport service or find out further information please contact us where a member of our team will be willing to help.


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